14 Karats
14 Karats Exquisite Custom Jewelry
14 Karats Exquisite Custom Jewelry

Earrings and Pendants

July 18,2024
Below is a sampling of various custom work we have done with earrings and pendants. You may click on the picture of a product to view a larger image. Also, click on more than one picture and you can compare them side by side.
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Earrings and Pendants

Earrings and Pendants samples

Platinum pendant with round orange diamond in square pillow bezel. Rainbow diamond dangle earrings. dangle earrings with trillion-cut pyrope garnets and tongue-shaped jasper. Platinum bar pendant with 5 flush-set round diamonds. black pearl and diamond ensemble in 14 karat yellow gold.
14 karat6 rose gold dangle earrings with round green diamonds and pear shaped green tourmalines. Platinum square bar pendant with flush-set princess-cut diamond. dangle earrings with bullet-shaped rutilated quartz and tongue-shaped black onyx. dangle earrings with black pearls and diamonds in 14 karat yellow gold.
14 karat white gold dangles with pink topaz and orange diamonds. dangle earrings with caboschon-cut pyrope garnets and long bullet-shaped sugilite. diamond navel ring.
double pearl dangles with diagonal square button pearls princess-cut natural blue zircon dangles with multi-colored textured 14 karat gold plates.
pearl studs double pearl dangles with assorted shapes
14 Karat White Gold celtic diamond medallion